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Best Local Plumbers in otawa

Best Plumbing Services In The Ottawa Area

Safari Plumbing Logo
    Drain cleaning
    Hydro jetting
    Electric water heater services
    Kitchen plumbing
    Root removal
    Sump pump installation and repair
    Water treatment
    Bathroom and kitchen renovations
    Clogged toilet repair
    Backflow testing and prevention
    Fixture installation and repair
    Plumbing maintenance
    Plumbing inspections
    Emergency plumbing



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    Leaks repairs and fix for leaky pipes
    Burst pipes repair and replacement
    Blocked toilets and unclogging
    Sinks pipes and drains unclogging
    Tap repairs and installation
    General plumbing repairs
    Pumps installation and repair
    Hot water problems and plumbing
    Pipework replacements and installations

John The Plumber Logo
    Blocked Drains
    Emergency Plumbing
    Drain Replacement
    Frozen Pipes
    Blocked Sewers
    Clogged Sink
    Sump Pump Replacement
    Clogged Showers
    Hot Water Tanks
    Hot Water Heaters
    Sump Pump Repairs
    Water Heater Repairs
    Blocked Toilet
    Tankless Water Heaters
    Leaking Faucet
    On Demand Hot Water
    Toilet Install
    Drain Back Ups
    Sump Pump Back Up



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    Emergency Services
    Garbage Disposal Repair
    Pipe Installation
    Sewer Services
    Sink Repair
    Water Filter Services
    Water Heater Repair
    Gas Line Services
    Toilet Installation
    Drain Installation



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Mr Rooter Plumbing Logo
    Trenchless Sewer Line Repair
    Sewer Line Repair & Replacements
    Clogged Drains
    Drain Cleaning
    Plumbing Repairs
    Water Line Repairs
    Frozen Pipes
    Leaking Pipes
    Water Heater Repair & Replacements
    Plumbing System Maintenance
    Septic Tank Service



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The Irish Plumber Logo
    Pipe Repair
    Faucet Installation
    Garbage Disposal Repair
    Leak Detection
    Sink Repair
    Toilet Repair
    Water Heater Repair
    Drain Cleaning
    Faucet Repair
    Pipe Installation
    Sink Installation
    Toilet Installation
    Water Heater Installation



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Best Local Plumbers in

A thorough listing of plumbing services in Canada and the surrounding area is available from The Pro Local Plumber. Our list contains details of the services these plumbers offer as well as their contact information. Here, we explicitly single out the best plumbers in the Ottawa region who have elevated the benchmark for plumbing in the surrounding towns by specializing in plumbing repair.

Contact any of these Ottawa plumbers for residential and commercial services whether it be large-scale projects or not.

Why Select from Our Directory of Best Ottawa Plumbers?

Are you looking for Ottawa plumbing services to fix your plumbing system or install new plumbing fixtures? Here are a few explanations for why you ought to select an Ottawa plumber from our directory.

Professional Service

The Ottawa plumbing service providers we highlight strive to offer customers a great experience throughout any plumbing repairs or other needs. In addition to providing long-lasting plumbing solutions, these Ottawa plumbing companies provide efficient service for your plumbing problem.

Employees who are insured and licensed

You can trust that your home’s plumbing systems will receive the superior care they require under the service of their insured plumbers.

Reliable Plumbing Services

These businesses are reputable and have been in operation for a while with great customer satisfaction. Customers who have relied on them for a long time vouch for their reliable service.

Affordable costs

They have a staff under the direction of a master plumber who can best serve their clients by providing a broad range of high-quality plumbing services at flat rate pricing.

Quick response

When inquiries are asked, they are all eager to respond. A crucial aspect of Ottawa plumbing firms is this. They also provide next-day service or after-hours repairs.

Service of High-Quality

They put more emphasis on offering great service to ensure customer happiness than they do on growing their clientele and profits. Additionally, they have teams of experts who can offer the greatest repair and installation services for your plumbing needs.

Free quotes

Nearly all of the Ottawa plumbers in our database offer a free estimate in addition to sharing their comprehensive knowledge of plumbing installation and repair procedures.

Environmental plumbing repairs

These plumbers in Ottawa care about protecting the environment while they operate and are knowledgeable about future plumbing needs that are eco-friendly.

To handle all of your plumbing issues, call the professional Ottawa plumbing service providers! For additional information and to make the best choice, consult our directory.

Recommended Ottawa Plumbing Companies

Nobody in Ottawa does it better than our best expert and licensed plumbers, whether they are working on residential or commercial plumbing, and they are all mentioned on our website.

From drain cleaning to sump pump installation to camera inspections, the plumbing staff at Safari Plumbing Ltd., Canada Plumbing of Ottawa, John The Plumber, DS Plumbing, Mr Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa, The Irish Plumber etc. can help you with all of your plumbing needs.

The Services Offered by Ottawa Plumbers

Let’s look more closely at the services these Plumbers in Ottawa offer for various plumbing problems.

Repair of Clogged Toilets and Kitchen Sinks

Are you facing a plugged drain plumbing issue? Clogged drains are the plumbing issues that a homeowner may encounter most frequently. In addition to addressing water damage, clearing clogged drains, preventing back-flow, and more, drain cleaning services also offer main drain video inspection. If the toilet bowl doesn’t flush properly, it needs to be replaced or repaired. Or else removing drain clogs can be a solution for blocked toilets.

You can fix a clogged drain and employ plumbing experts from these top plumbers in Ottawa for drain cleaning services. If your drain is clogged or needs repair, they can fix your bathroom pipes quickly. They aid in clearing out garbage, food, and oil that has accumulated in your drains over the years and restore their normal flow.

With the use of the majority of these businesses’ efficient tools, like Canada Plumbing of Ottawa, we can clear stubborn clogs with minimal to no intrusive repiping or other labour. To remove tree roots from drain pipes blocking them, get in touch with an Ottawa plumber listed on our website.

Installation of Water Softeners and Heating Systems

With the aid of their expert installation crew, the majority of the professional businesses on this list can install and fix water heaters. These nearby establishments that sell and install heaters have hot water tanks in all sizes accessible. They also perform an excellent job installing tankless water heaters in your bathroom.

Don’t panic, though, if you’re not quite ready to buy a new water heater. You may rest certain that you’re in excellent hands because Ottawa’s professionals are among the best at fixing water heaters at fair prices. Additionally, they are skilled at using techniques for water softening and expert water analysis.

Installing and Replacing a Sump Pump

Sump pumps keep our homes dry and free of water while preventing flooding. You should contact a qualified service team as soon as possible if there is a broken sump pump in your house We can aid you in doing that. If you call and schedule an appointment with any of the plumbing businesses on this page, they can promptly install a new sump pump for you.

Most of them feature sump pump backup batteries, so even if the power goes out or the rain stops, the pumps will continue to function. To clean your bathroom and basement, they make sure that a professional pump service is offered. They are skilled in a variety of plumbing installations and repairs in addition to this.

Putting Leaks and Plumbing Issues Right

We can help you right away if you have frozen pipes, busted pipes, or water leaks in your home. The majority of the time, this entails replacing the damaged portion of the pipe and identifying and resolving the plumbing problem’s root cause.

A plumbing inspection may be performed by almost all of the companies we feature on this page to determine what’s wrong, provide you with solutions, and then start working. Call one of the top companies on our list to fix your plumbing issues if your pipes are leaking or frozen or to repair a leaky faucet.

Plumbing Inspections

Water lines and sewage systems should be thoroughly inspected before carrying out any plumbing repairs. Camera inspections can be a perfect solution for such plumbing problems and we can connect you with a business that offers such services. A plumber from the business would be sent to your house for a detailed camera inspection. And as you know this can save you a lot of money as there is no need for unnecessary digging and piling to know the actual cause of the plumbing problems.

Plumbing Fixture Installation Services

Would you like to remodel your home by adding a new toilet or bathroom? The expertly trained technicians assist custom homes by putting in contemporary shower heads, water filtration systems, backwater valves to avoid back-flow, water softener systems, high-pressure flushing tanks, and more.

Your home will look brand new thanks to their services and the new plumbing system. Using the information on this page, get in touch with the top plumbers who are skilled at house plumbing. In addition to the water heater, bathtub, and shower installation, you can get in touch with a plumber from DS Plumbing for faucet installation.

Ottawa’s Residential Plumber

For many people, residential plumbing can seem an impossible chore. Every component of your home must function at all times if you want to completely enjoy it and unwind with your family. It would be challenging to maintain the house if a plumbing burst or sewage backed up.

We make sure that no home in Ottawa has to deal with an emergency on its own. We have skilled plumbers on staff who are professionals in bathroom remodelling, drain cleaning, clogged toilet repair, fixture replacement, etc.

You can contact us so that we can put you in touch with potential residential plumbing services. Our page includes a list of all Ottawa plumbing businesses that specialize in homework to avail of a same-day service. Contact a plumber who is an expert in residential plumbing for a quick solution.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposals are an important component of your house. If you can locate the component causing the issue, you can fix the leaky garbage disposal without much effort. It could leak over time as a result of failing seals, exposed pipes, and split dried-out gaskets. Replace any leaky parts you locate. Whether you need garbage disposal installation or maintenance, we can assist you to find one. Irish Plumber is one of the renowned garbage disposal repairers in Ottawa. A plumber from this company will visit your home to identify the issue and quickly get your disposal up and running.

Septic Tank Repair and Maintenance

Unless your home is not linked to a local sewer system, you dispose of wastewater through a septic system. And you are required by law to maintain this system. Cleaning a septic tank is recommended every two to three years, with more frequent cleanings required for particular septic systems. The period of cleaning is dependent on the size and condition of your tank and system. We can connect you with a business that provides a plumber for routine, cost-effective septic tank cleanings.

Industrial Plumbing Firms in Ottawa

Strict rules must be followed while installing and maintaining fixtures on real estate that is zoned for the sector. For any factory, warehouse, or another type of business in the Ottawa region, industrial plumbing must be both functional and effective if you want it to perform at its highest level. 

Additionally, several Ottawa plumbers excel at plumbing for commercial buildings. Trained professionals can handle the task no matter how big or small the task is. They provide anything from extensive commercial building fit-outs and enhancements to rental property maintenance and inspections.

What services do these commercial enterprises provide?

These businesses provide a variety of services, including flushing pump service, repair, and replacement, restaurant drain maintenance, the installation of back-flow valves, boiler servicing, replacement, and retrofitting.

In addition to this, they also work with restaurants, maintenance businesses for residential buildings, general contractors, and retail establishments. If you ever need emergency plumbing, you can also use a qualified plumber’s services. Besides, all these companies adhere to environmental plumbing guidelines while they employ any kind of repair work which is a remarkable feature. Also, you may have peace of mind knowing that no environmental protection laws are broken while plumbing work is being done as part of your business.

Need an Ottawa Plumbing Company for Plumbing Emergency?

You should always be ready for an emergency plumbing need because it can happen at any time. A qualified plumber is aware that a mixing valve failure, sewer line backup, or pipe explosion never occurs at a convenient time.

You could be thrown off your schedule at any time by such events. Getting assistance with plumbing emergencies and repairs is never a problem for Ottawa homeowners. They offer same-day service and mostly reach on time for your rescue. Choose a plumbing company from our list and contact them at the earliest for any help.

Most frequent plumbing emergencies

For your convenience, we provide a list of 24-hour plumbing emergency services. Therefore, when they work to address your issue, prominent companies like Safari Plumbing Ltd. and John The Plumber can provide you with the best plumbing service imaginable.

For plumbing repairs and services in situations like these, get in touch with either of these companies. Apart from sending the right plumber on time, they provide excellent service during emergencies and you can have peace of mind.

The drain is obstructed or clogged

Broken or bursting pipes

Having problems with the hot water tank

Floating Basement

Contact an Ottawa plumber listed on our website for a plumbing emergency!

Since we sincerely care about providing Ottawa homes with the good service possible, we make sure that your plumbing system functions properly. Our website offers all the information about reputable firms that we meticulously tracked down and incorporated, making your task simple.

Testimonials of happy customers along with the expertise of the team and their quality of service are the major criteria according to which we have listed the companies that do plumbing jobs. Plumbing repair is made simple with the assistance of “Best Local Plumbers in Ottawa, Ontario” highly competent personnel. Choose the plumbing services that will repair your house the best from our plumber Ottawa list.