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Best Local Plumbers in barrie

Best Plumbing Services In The barrie Area

Full Moon Plumbing Inc
    Basins & Toilets
    Hose Taps
    Sewage & Water Pumps
    Lake Pump Systems
    Backflow Preventer Testing
    Cross Connection Control
    Plug Drains

J Plumbing Ltd
    New Construction & Custom Homes
    Commercial installations
    Renovations and repairs
    Camera inspections
    Certified backflow installation and testing
    Complete drain setup
    Power flushing
    Sewage pumps

Wright's Plumbing
    24 Hour Emergency Plumbing
    Cottage Plumbing
    Water Filtration
    Sump Pumps
    Faucet Installation
    Garbage Disposal Repair
    Pipe Repair
    Sink Installation

Plumbtech Plumbing Inc
    Backflow Services
    Drain Installation
    Emergency Services
    Faucet Repair Pipe Repair
    Sink Installation
    Toilet Repair
    Water Heater Installation
    Bathtub & Shower Installation
    Drain Cleaning
    Faucet Installation
    Pipe Installation
    Sewer Services
    Toilet Installation
    Water Filter Services



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Harris Plumbing Inc.
    Water softeners & iron filters
    Gas & Electric Tank Water Heaters
    Tankless Water Heaters
    Backflow prevention
    Drain & Pipe Repairs
    Sump Pumps
    Septic & sewer line repairs
    Shower & bathtub installations
    Sewer & drain video camera inspections
    Home Plumbing Inspections
    Kitchen, bathroom & laundry room renovations
    Cottage Plumbing Services
    Commercial Plumbing Services

Reliance Yanch Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing
    Sump Pump
    Toilet Repair
    Leaky Pipes
    Drain Clog
    Leaky Faucet
    Sewer Backup



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Pick the Top-rated Barrie
Plumbers Right Here!

The Pro Local Plumber provides a comprehensive directory of plumbing services in Canada and the surrounding area. This list includes information about the services these plumbers provide as well as details on how to get in touch with them. Here we specifically highlight the top Barrie-area technicians who specialised in plumbing repair and have raised the bar for plumbing in the surrounding communities.

Why Choose from Our List of Barrie Plumbers?

Are you in search of a Barrie plumber to repair your plumbing system or to make plumbing fixtures installation? Here are a few reasons why you should hire a Barrie plumber from our list.

1. efficient plumbing solutions

The plumbing service providers we feature aim to create an exceptional experience for consumers throughout the entire process of plumbing repairs or other plumbing needs, in addition to delivering long-lasting plumbing solutions.

2. licensed and insured staff

Since their licensed personnel are fully insured, you can be sure that both your home and its plumbing systems will get the high-quality care they need.

3. proven to be trustworthy

These companies are reliable and have been around for a long time. Customers who have used their plumbing services for a considerable time attest to their reliability.

4. affordable prices

They have a team led by a licensed plumber who can serve their customers best by providing a wide range of high-quality plumbing services at prices that are easy on the wallet.

5. responds quickly

They are all quick to answer questions as soon as they are asked. This is a key feature of this business. Besides they provide plumbing emergency services as well.

6. HIGH-QUALITY service

Their focus is on providing quality service to ensure customer satisfaction than enlarging their business and returns. They also have expert teams to provide the best repair and installation service.

7. FREE estimates

Almost all those who are listed in our database provide a free estimate along with sharing extensive knowledge on the plumbing repairs and installation processes.

Get the experts serving Barrie on the line to resolve all your plumbing needs! Check out our directory for more details and choose the right plumber.

List of the Best Barrie Plumbers

We have the greatest professional and certified plumbers listed on our website, and nobody in Barrie does it more effectively than them, whether it be for residential or industrial plumbing. The plumbing crew at Full Moon Plumbing Inc, J Plumbing Ltd, Wright’s Plumbing, Harris Plumbing Inc., Reliance Yanch Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing, etc. can assist you with all of your plumbing needs, from drain clearing to sump pump installation to camera inspections.

Services offered by these companies

Let’s examine the services provided by these businesses in greater detail.

clogged kitchen sink and toilet repair

The most frequent plumbing difficulties that a homeowner may experience are clogged drains.  Drain cleaning services include fixing water damage, cleaning drains, unclogging drains, preventing back-flow, main drain video inspection, and more! The toilet needs replacing or repairing if the bowl doesn’t flush properly.

You can hire professional technicians from these top Barrie plumbing services for drain cleaning services and fix a clogged drain. They can rapidly repair your bathroom pipes if your drain is clogged or needs repair. They help you get rid of years’ worth of oil, food, and waste that has built up in your drains and make them flow freely again!

Most of these companies including Plumbtech Plumbing Inc have effective instruments, so we can remove obstinate clogs with little to no intrusive repiping or other work. Contact any of these businesses to get rid of tree roots that are getting in the way of the drain pipes.

Heating systems and water softeners Installation

Most of the professional companies on this list can put in and repair water heaters with the assistance of their professional installation team. Hot water tanks of all sizes are available from these local businesses that sell and install heaters. They also do a great job of putting in tankless water heaters in your bathroom.

Nevertheless, if you aren’t yet ready to purchase a new water heater, don’t worry. The experts are some of the best in Barrie at fixing water heaters for reasonable rates, ensuring that you’re in good hands. They also know how to analyze water professionally and use methods for softening water.


Sump pumps keep our homes from flooding and keep them dry and free of water. If your sump pump is broken or needs any repairs, you should get it fixed as soon as possible by contacting a professional service team. We can help you do that. All of the plumbing companies on this page can quickly put in a new sump pump for you if you give them a call and make an appointment.

Most of them have backup batteries for sump pumps that will keep working even if the power goes out or the rain stops. They ensure professional pump work service is provided to clean your basement and bathroom. In addition to this, they are also adept in various installations and repairs involving plumbing.

Fixing Plumbing Problems and Leaks

If your house has frozen pipes, burst pipes, or water leaks, we can help you quickly. Most of the time, this means replacing the part of the pipe that is broken and finding and fixing the origin of the plumbing issue.

Almost all the plumbing businesses listed here on our page may do a plumbing inspection to find out what’s wrong, give you remedies, and then get to work. If your pipes are frozen or leaking, call one of the best firms on our list for solving your plumbing problems.

plumbing fixture installation

Do you wish to do renovations to your home by installing a new toilet or bathroom? The featured plumbing companies on our website help custom homes by installing modern shower heads, water filtration systems, backwater valve for backflow prevention, water softener systems, high-pressure flushing tanks and many more.

With their services and the new construction of the plumbing system, your home would get a fresh look. Contact the best plumbers who are good at home plumbing from our page. Plumbtech Plumbing Inc. offers perfect solutions for faucet and pipe installation along with water heater and bathtub and shower installation.

Cottage plumbing services

The pipes and drains in a cottage are different from those in a city home. Every year, it gets harder to open and close for the season, which can be scary. You should hire someone who has plumbing experience in repairing cottages to fix such issues. Do you need to fix the plumbing at your cottage? Or do you wish to do some renovations? Don’t be afraid, Harris Plumbing Inc. is the best business specialising in cottage plumbing maintenance. They can give you professional guidance in cottage renovations. Also, they help you with custom homes and make your vacation home beautiful with modern cottage plumbing.

The assistance of the plumbing professionals we’ve highlighted here makes it simple to maintain and improve your cottage’s water, drainage, and septic systems. No matter what your problem is, we can fix it and make your life so much easier. You can directly contact Harris plumbing inc for toilet repairs or get a new toilet installed, fix blocked toilets, replace corroded pipes and dripping tap and even for bathroom renovations before the vacation begins.

Residential Plumber, Barrie

Residential plumbing can be a herculean task for many homeowners. To fully enjoy your home and relax with your family, all of its features must always work. When a pipe burst or sewage backs up, it would be hard to take care of the house. We make certain that no Barrie household has to face an emergency alone. We have experienced plumbing service providers who are experts at bathroom renovations, drain cleaning, clogged toilet repair, fixture replacement etc.

Calling us will make it possible for us to connect potential residential plumbing services with you. The names of all the plumbing companies in Barrie who are specialised in residential work are listed on our page.

Commercial Plumber, Barrie

The installation and maintenance of fixtures on property that is zoned for the industry are subject to severe regulations. It is essential that the industrial plumbing in your factory, warehouse, or another type of company in the Barrie area is not only practical but also efficient if you want your business to operate at its full potential.

We also have a lot of Barrie plumbers who are good at plumbing for businesses. Their skilled technicians may complete any task, no matter how big or small, and offer everything from extensive commercial building fit-outs and improvements to rental property maintenance and inspections.

What are the services offered by these commercial businesses?

Some of the services these companies offer are water filtration systems, the installation of back-flow valves, boiler service, replacement, and retrofitting restaurant drain maintenance, and flushing pump service, repair, and replacement. Aside from these, they also work with restaurants, companies that take care of apartment buildings, general contractors, and stores. You can also avail of the service of a licensed plumber anytime for emergency plumbing.

Need an Emergency Plumber/Service in Barrie?

Emergency plumbing requirements can occur at any time and you need to be prepared for it. A licensed plumber knows that a pipe bursting, a sewer line backing up, or a mixing valve breaking never happens at a good time. Such things can happen anytime and throw you off your schedule. Residents of Barrie don’t have to worry about not being able to get help with plumbing emergencies and repairs.

Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

We list emergency plumbing services that are available 24*7 for your assistance. As such, you can get the best possible service from a plumber at these illustrious firms like Wright’s Plumbing and Plumbtech Plumbing Inc., as they try to address your concern. You can contact either of these businesses for plumbing repairs and service during emergencies like:

  • Drain Clogged / Blocked Drain
  • Broken Pipe/ Burst pipes
  • Hot water Tank Issues
  • Basement Flood

We genuinely want to give the best service to our customers, so we ensure that your plumbing system runs smoothly. We have painstakingly sourced and included all the details of the renowned plumbing service providers here on our website making your job hassle-free. With the help of the highly-professional staff in “Best Local Plumbers in Barrie, Ontario” plumbing repair is made easy. Find the business that’s the best fit to repair your home!